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Make a Museum Visit a Pilgrimmage

Now that you have learned about so many goddesses, and the ways in which you can find her in public spaces and museums, here are some tips on how to make a museum visit into a soulful pilgrimage.

Connecting to the Goddess


You can develop a very personal relationship with the Goddess and any aspect of the Divine Feminine you feel called to. 


The Goddess comes to us in so many forms, and we can work with her in any way that is most suited to us. She is the Divine Female whose presence has been with us since the beginning of time. She is all around us and she is inside of us, too.


Different people will find they have a different mission to fulfill with her help. Each individual may experience her energy in different ways or feel called to certain practices or approaches.


It is important to note that while the Goddess and the many aspects of the Divine Feminine hail from different cultures and religions, no one owns a goddess in any particular form, even if she hails from a specific religion or culture in which she is honored as the main deity.


The Goddess is there for all of us in all her forms and over time, we can create an intimate relationship. And our relationship with her is direct. You do not need an intermediary or an introduction. In my spiritual opinion, she answers the call of anyone who speaks to her with a sincere heart and soul.

Practice Connecting Directly to the Goddess in Her Statues


On the path of the Goddess, there are many ways to connect with the Goddess. Sometimes you may experience her as a source of power. Sometimes you may see her as a divine being. Sometimes you may see yourself as a being created in the image of a Creator who looks like you. Sometimes you will experience her in a motherly or grandmotherly way.


Visit goddesses in museums, and see if there is one or more that call to you. Take a moment to stand in silence in front of any statue or statues (or artwork) you feel drawn to. See if you feel any particular energy or even just a pleasing sense of connection.


After you have had a moment to reflect, take a photo of the statue (if permitted) and take a second photo, a selfie, of yourself with your chosen Goddess behind you. Or have someone take a photo of you both.


If you feel very drawn to the diety, see if the gift shop has a statue of her, or a postcard, or something that represents her. Take it home.

Research the Goddess You Are Most Drawn To


You can find almost anything online, and books that cover everything from goddess spirituality practices, to history and academic research. Learn as much as possible about your chosen goddess. Get to know her culture, her history, and any spiritual practices, prayers, or rituals associated with her.


See if you can identify one or two simple things to do to honor her. For example, Venus loves roses, and Mother Mary does as well. Some goddesses are offered food, like apples to Eve, and yogurt to Lakshmi.  Some are honored with incense, such as Tara, or by lighting a candle, such as Brigid. Sometimes we offer water, as we do to Kuan Yin, or a libation.  What are common ways of honoring the Goddess you are connecting with? If you can find a way, you can choose anything that is meaningful to you.


Build a Home Altar


Since we can't always leave offerings inside a museum we can find ways to make out connections through spiritual practices at home. An altar is one way to establish a relationship with a divine female.


Many people who have a regular spiritual practice with the Goddess like to have a sacred space devoted to her. They often use the altar as the home base for spiritual activity. It is like a little sacred space for prayers, rituals, and magic.


Sometimes it just helps to look at collections of meaningful spiritual items that represent the Goddess, that represent the spiritual life you want to lead, and that make you feel hopeful and like anything is possible.


Many people build altars devoted to a goddess they love to work with or one that they are getting to know. As the seasons change, many people change their altars to connect with the energy of that time of the year. They may abide by certain goddess celebration days, work with a specific cycle of the moon, or follow their intuition when it comes to designing or redesigning their altars. Sometimes altars are created to address their needs at any particular time. Altars can be large or small, and you can have more than one.


  • Some things you may want to put on your altar could be:
  • Photo you took of/with your goddess.
  • Statue of the specific goddess or goddesses you have selected to honor.
  • Statue or image of a Divine Mother from any tradition (such as Venus of Willendorf or the Nile Goddess).
  • Incense holder and incense.
  • Candle holder and candles.
  • Bell, chime, or Tibetan singing bowl.
  • Items that relate to the goddess energy you want to call in, such as a sacred symbol like the Ohm or Celtic cross.
  • Written prayer to the goddess that is rolled up in a scroll.
  • Empowering piece of jewelry.
  • Ceramic goddess or sacred figure.
  • Items representing the four elements — air, fire, water, and earth.
  • Items representing the four directions — east, south, west, and north.
  • Something that represents the spirits of within, above, and below.
  • Something that represents your ancestors.
  • Things that represent protection.


An altar can be both a stable and fluid foundation for your spiritual practice. It can be something that is always there for you, as a tool for your ongoing connection to the Divine. But you can change it, rearrange it, and wipe it clean when you want to start again.

Select or Write Opening and Closing Prayers


Here is an example of how to connect to and call in the Divine:

I call to the Divine Goddess of All Things

I call to the ancestors, the directions,

And the elements of our common being

I call to the highest and truest powers of the Universe

From above, from below, and within

I assert: I am now ready to discover and embrace my special goddess.

I ask for support, guidance, and inspiration.

I thank you for all the good you bring to my life.

May all the world be blessed, hereby.


Here is an example of how to close ritual or spiritual work:

I thank the Divine Goddess of All Things

I thank the ancestors, the directions,

And the elements of our common being

I thank the highest and truest powers of the Universe

From above, from below, and within

I thank all the spiritual powers that be, for helping me to:

Discover and embrace my special goddess.
For all the support, guidance, and inspiration.
For all the good she brings to my life.
May all the world be blessed, hereby.


Reflect Upon Your Goddess and What She Means to You


It is important to create a consistent spiritual practice to help you stay connected to the Goddess and to your own inner knowing. This can take many forms and be expressed in many ways. Setting up the altar, reflecting or meditating, and praying or chanting to her can help your further establish your connection. Sometimes it just helps to call out her name, as if you are calling her to you.


Try this writing ritual:

  • Have a piece of music that uplifts and moves you in the direction of self-love and appreciation for life.
  • Have a journal in which you can take notes about your self-reflection.
  • The first thing you could write in your journal is your intention for your relationship with your goddess. As part of your intention, you could literally invite the goddesses to make their presence known to you.
  • Once you have composed your intention, say it aloud and meditate on it for a few moments.
  • Keep extra paper available for exercises in which the paper will be used in a ritual.
  • Have a beautiful pen to write with.

The next time you visit your goddess in the museum, you will have a better sense of who she is and how she can bless your life if you spend some time getting to know her. On that visit, it will truly be a pilgrimage and a chance for you to connect deeply with her presence. Then you can come home and continue to honor the connection between you.