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Goddesses Abound in Great Britan

Celtic Goddesses are an important part of history in the United Kingdom. Although the Celtic tradition is an oral tradition, not a tradition rich with books and historical documents, there are legends and stories about a cast of divine females, such as: Blodeuwedd, Brigantia, Epona, Maeve, Morgan Le Fey, and Sulis. There are areas throughout Brittan that are known as lands sacred to the Goddess, such as Glastonbury, England, where people honor the Goddess in nature, in sacred rituals, and through holy pilgrimages around the land.  Those goddesses are not as visible, as they are viceral.  Yet Britan is filled with "classic" Goddess statues of all kinds in public places. Here are a few.

An Aphrodite Sculpture Blesses Chatsworth House, Great Britain, Where Pride & Prejudice was Filmed

Photo Credit: Neilld/Depositphotos.com

The Sculpture on the Artemis Fountain in Hyde Park, London, Aims to Protect and Defend

Photo Credit: chrisdorney/Shutterstock.com