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Bibliography of Research Sources

When God Was Also a Woman Sources


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Feminine Power Exhibit

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Connecting with Goddess Statues - Meet Tyche-Fortuna


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Famous Goddesses in New York Museums Sources


Artemis Sources

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Some Artemis mythology is adapted from Nancy Hathaway's The Friendly Guide to Mythology (New York: Viking/Penguin, 2001).


Hathor Sources


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Green Tara Sources


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Kuan Yin Sources

Kuan Yin quote: Sandy Boucher. Discovering Kwan Yin: Buddhist Goddess of Compassion (Boston: Beacon, 1999).


Some of the research and wisdom on Kuan Yin for this chapter was contributed by Rev. Victor Fuhrman, M.S.C., R.M., www.VictorTheVoice.com.


Lakshmi Sources

Author's note: As a longtime fan of Maha Lakshmi, I have studied her history and worship since 1998. Some of this chapter is drawn from my years of observing rituals and puja in Hindu temples.


Lakshmi quote: Dipavali Debroy, The Holy Vedas: Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, Atharva Veda (New Delhi: B.R. Publishing, 2006). From the "Sri Sukta," Rig Veda.



Sekhmet Sources


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Venus Sources

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Goddesses in the News Sources


Seshat Sources

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Goddess Discoveries in the Holyland Sources


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