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Ghosts of Goddesses Past in NY

"The Shrine of the Black Virgin of New York"

This was a place of worship, prayer, wishes, petitions, and miracles on 13th Street in Manhattan.

Photo Credit:  Library of Congress

I uncovered a photo of the sacred statue of the Black Madonna that once resided on 13th Street in Manhattan. This 1903 photo is from the Library of Congress.


She resided here for many years but the remains of her shrine are now in the backyard of a bar.


The most extraordinary thing is: She comes from Tindari, Sicily. There, she has a sister shrine, high on a hill, in Tindari, Sicily.


The disappearance of the New York Madonna was a mystery for a long time. The area was torn down, you can stand on the spot where she once lived in the backyard of the bar. Her statue is said to live in New Jersey now, will someone who was assigned to be her special guardian. I hope to meet her one day. Find out more about her story, here.

Shrine of the Madonna Nera

Here is an image of the Black Madonna of Tindari Sicily. I first learned about her existence through the Annabel Du Boulay and the Avalon Rose Chapel in Glastonbury, England. This is why I was surprised to find out she had a sister shrine on 13th Street in New York!